Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Walking in a Winter Wonderland

I thought for my first real post I'd just give you a flavour of my weekend, even though after three long days at work, it feels like it happened a long time ago. My boyfriend had professional exams on Saturday so I spent a hard day wandering about Westfield Shepherd's Bush with a friend. We had Wagamama's for lunch, but I still managed to fit in a snog...

No, not THAT kind of snog, you cheeky people. This kind...

I usually get strawberry fro yo but Snog don't seem to do it (why is that?) so I went for chocolate with white chocolate stars and granola. I could've eaten it forever, to be honest. I love frozen yoghurt - it's like ice cream, but somehow I believe that it's good for me, even when it's coated in chocolate stars...

We went for a pub crawl around Putney that night to celebrate I's exams being over, and it was SO cold that I decided the only thing to do was to wear a big warm cardigan over my outfit...and knee length suede (well, let's be honest - fake suede) boots...

I was feeling pretty fragile the next day and thought I'd probably spend the whole thing curled up on the sofa eating Pringles and watching endless repeats of Nothing To Declare, but in the end I put on my warmest clothes and we all went out to Winter Wonderland. If you don't live in London or you just don't know what it is, Winter Wonderland is basically a Christmas themed market - it's a big mish mash of Bavarian stalls, crazy fairground rides, an ice rink, and a tonne of bars selling mulled wine and cider alongside hot chocolate and coffee. We started off in one of the bars, and drinking mulled wine around a big open fire has to be one of the best activities for a cold Sunday that there is. Afterwards we braved the rides - there's something terrifying about riding a rollercoaster that seems to be held together with bits of plastic, and the dodgems is always hilarious, but I still cannot BELIEVE my friends got me on this:

I was basically screaming before I even sat down!

All in all, my advice is:

1. It's expensive. You don't have to pay to get in, but they make up the cost elsewhere - rides are between £6 and £10, alcoholic drinks are all £4 plus and even soft drinks are £2 or more, so be prepared.
2. Get cash out before you get there - they've cheekily closed the Natwest in Hyde Park tube station, so you're forced to draw out cash in the park, and it has a £2.75 charge!
3. You have to book in advance to ice skate so bear that in mind if you want to (we didn't, because I have a knee which likes to dislocate occasionally, but it did look stunning)
4. The ferris wheel has amazing views but it is FREEZING up there. If you're hilarious (like me) spend the entire journey asking your significant other when he's going to propose to you. (P.S to any would-be proposers - it'd be a pretty awesome place to do it!)
5. GO, go with as many people as you can group together or just with a boyfriend, wrap up warm, have a mulled wine, get into the festive spirit and enjoy!

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